ATTENTION: You Must Have An "Active & Dynamic" HIPAA Program To Be Considered Compliant...
We Take The Headache Out Of HIPAA Compliance...
Follow These 3 Steps For An Active & Dynamic Program:
Step #1: Keep To Your Audit Schedule
This schedule was created by you or for you, during the installation of your HIPAA program (Includes approximately 12 audits/Reviews or Evaluations required annually or more frequently).
Step #2: Issue Security Reminders
To comply with this required component of the HIPAA law, you must author and distribute periodic security reminders to your workforce including current cyber security threats.
Step #3: Respond To Changes
Being cognizant and responsive to changes that take place relative to new electronic devices put in use or “retired”/newly hired staff/changes to required forms, and one of 12 annual audits / evaluations, etc...
The MMM Program Makes ALL 3 STEPS EASY!
Solution #1:
Monthly Quick Check Audit
We provide you the steps to conduct a routine monthly “tune-up”.
Solution #2: 
Monthly Security Reminders
We provide the content for distribution to your workforce; (including volunteers, part-time employees, family members, etc.)  This will include documentation tools and instruction!
Solution #3: 
Customized Monthly Review
We provide the content to help you meet the requirements to have an ‘Active & Dynamic’ HIPAA program by performing multiple reviews/evaluations and audits on an annual or more frequent basis.
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What Other Chiropractors Are Saying:
BRAVO for MMM. I can now sleep at night, really. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders when I saw that option and am now taking advantage of it. Thank you.
Dr. Edie Spence
I want to thank Dr. Ty and his staff for all the work you do helping us with HIPAA compliance. I have a busy practice and struggled to do it by myself. Several years ago I purchased the Bronze program. With the help of the workbook, the training CD's and the document CD's, I built my HIPAA compliance program. I quickly discovered having a program and keeping that program active and dynamic were two different things. That problem was solved when Dr. Ty told us about the new MMM program during one of his educational webinars. I joined the MMM program the same day. This is such a great program. I now get a monthly email containing a Quick Check Audit, a monthly security reminder and a customized review/evaluation for the month. I'm happy to say our HIPAA Compliance program is active and dynamic and I have Dr. Ty to thank for the peace of mind that comes with that.
Best Regards,
James Harris, D.C.
We have been using the MMM program since its inception and just the time alone that it saves my office staff more than pays for the monthly fee. Besides, its peace of mind knowing you are keeping up with your compliance. I would recommend using this program to everyone. Thank you HIPAA Compliance Services for making our job easy and effortless.
Dr. Greg E. Oleson
I have to say I love Dr. Ty Talcott's MMM program. It has made my life so much easier along with my HIPAA compliance. I get the form(s) emailed to me every month, so I don't even have to worry about it. I just follow the directions, complete the form and file in my HIPAA manual. Well worth the monthly fee! Thank you Dr. Ty!

Dr. Kristine Springer
Rockhill Wellness Center, LLC
  • Exclusive Access To Our Members Only Portal: Try out the MMM Program for FREE and see just how easy we made it to keep your HIPAA program Active & Dynamic!  We don't believe in long-term contracts, so you can cancel at anytime.  We sincerely believe that by providing you with a TON of value, you'll WANT to keep our program.  PLUS, you have our 60-DAY, 100% SATISFACTION, MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. 
  • User Friendly: This easy-to-follow program was carefully designed to save you time and money while keeping you compliant!
  • Peace of Mind: For only $29 PER MONTH gets you an affordable way to sleep at night... and RIGHT NOW you can experience this at no cost and no risk! Let us take this burden off your shoulders so that you can get back to doing what you do best, caring for your patients!
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Step 3: Payment Information
$29 / Month
By subscribing to the MMM Program, you agree to have your Credit Card charged $29 monthly after the Free 14-Day Trial ends, and it will be on the same day each month thereafter.  We will not charge your card if you cancel before the end of the Free 14-Day Trial. You will receive one (1) email reminder 7 days prior to the end of your Free trial. You can cancel at any time for any reason by simply emailing
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