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Dr. Ty Talcott is a Certified HIPAA Privacy and Security Expert, who consults thousands of healthcare practices relative to business development and protection. 

He is a sought-after speaker who has led numerous seminars, performed as a keynote speaker and has been featured on the cover of several magazines. 

Dr. Talcott is also a founding partner of an IPA (Independent Physician Association) that credentials participating doctors for contracting with HMO’s and PPO’s. He has become one of the top experts on HIPAA regulations in the Chiropractic Profession.
Additional Information About Dr. Ty
  •  Served on the Governor appointed Workers Compensation Commission in Texas. 
  • Expert at the art of effective communication and has appeared on dozens of radio and TV talk shows.  
  •  Founded and chaired two hospital departments.  
  • Published author of over thirty articles related to the onset of and participation with managed care. 
  •  Beyond health care: He has been a managing partner in a residential real estate development company, a rental real estate business and has conducted corporate retreats for the purpose of helping start-up companies create formal business plans. He has recorded specialty training tapes for Distributor Services, a special division of the world famous Nightingale-Conant corporation.
"My Passion is helping others improve their life and business..."
- Dr. Ty Talcott - 
Speaking Engagements: 
Have you ever asked, "With all the government regulations I'm supposed to comply with, when am I going to have time with my patients!?"

Dr. Ty Talcott has helped thousands of healthcare professionals focus on what they do best -- treating their patients -- by taking the pain and complication out of HIPAA Compliance.
Tiffany Rodriguez | COO, CHOC
Tiffany Rodriguez is a certified HIPAA Onsite consultant. Her strong business background includes running and managing large specialty dental offices, insurance underwriting and banking.

Tiffany presently functions as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Power Strategies Inc., Perfect Practice Solutions and HIPAA Compliance Services.

If you have had any contact with the any of our companies, you likely had the pleasure of interacting with Tiffany. She is passionate about providing excellent customer service and delivering excellent products to all of our valued clients and partners.

First and foremost, Tiffany is a proud and devoted mother and wife. When she is not working on advancing HIPAA education and running the business, she enjoys spending time with her family, keeping up with her kids’ busy schedules, enjoying the outdoors and cheering on Kansas Jayhawk basketball.

Tiffany is instrumental to the Simple Solution Guide project relative to copy reading/editing, production, assuring fulfillment and customer satisfaction as well as all aspects of HIPAA production and delivery.
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