Dr. Ty | The Compliance Guy
Dr. Ty Talcott, DC, CHPSE
Dr. Ty | The Compliance Guy
Dr. Ty Talcott, DC, CHPSE
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  What Doctors Are Saying

"Our laptop with patient information was stolen!"

"When we found ourselves in a situation where patient information had been breached due to a stolen laptop computer we were terrified! We had heard about the horrendous fines that could permanently close an office and other horror stories…we were so fortunate we knew what to do.
We called Dr. Ty the Compliance Guy immediately. He calmed us down and told us step by step what to do and what NOT to do or say. We spent hours working with him and he did not charge us a dime to walk us through the process with the government and fight for us.
The ultimate outcome was that we DID NOT HAVE TO PAY ANY FINES…he truly had our back and now, with his programs in place and current, I can sleep at night knowing we are compliant with a defensible program in place if we ever have another UNEXPECTED crisis!

-Dr. and Mrs. Simmons"
Dr. Ty, Your optimistic attitude of focusing on the END and not the trial speaks volumes to me and my practice, so I thank you. Thanks for the planned updates about “Families first” and the other actions we can/have to take.  

Staying calm and carrying on (but now with HIPAA and OIG safety on the way)!

 Dr. Brian Vroom
Advanced Care Chiropractic
I just want to take a quick minute to thank you for what you do!! I have really tried to implement your items and felt a lot of it was a pain in the butt until now. In addition to a chiropractic business we also have a family practice physician and a NP in our clinic. 

The emergency contingency plan we have in place is working like a dream. I would have never guessed we would use. We have our telemedicine visits up and running office staff separated and working from home everything seems to be working well. We are all set up to take care of patients from our separate homes if we have to, directing labs and tests to the hospitals. I can’t tell you how important your service is. 

Without all this in place it would be chaos. Thank you!!!

 Dr. Troy Wollmann
I really liked Ty's presentation yesterday, I had another one the day before I think through the Association and I would give him a 3.5 and Ty a 9.5

I know that many things are unknown due to the media demanding instant answers to an evolving process. 

THANKS for all that you all do.
 Dr. Ralph G. Ellenberger
Ellenberger Chiropractic
Dr. Ty: I have great news today about our prepared response, relative to the random audit, for which I was chosen: I received a letter today that I have met the meaningful use criteria and passed the audit, for the HIPAA risk analysis, et. al… and I will get my check after all! Wow this is great news!

I want to thank you for your help in resolving this issue without me having a nervous breakdown! I hate this for the other Docs that are/will go through this- it is so unexpected when that notice arrives that you are going to be audited and it might mean you don’t get your check or worse, they might take back money they already gave you!

I encourage all Docs to follow your program, before they get a demand for their HIPAA compliant risk analysis, because, although one never knows what the government will accept; your program takes the guess work out of the equation!
- Dr. Pamela J Owens
Dr. Talcott,
I just wanted to update you about our audit. We finally got word that we passed. They asked for no further clarification on the risk analysis than what I originally sent in. I ended up sending the paragraph form and the list form of the risk analysis as well as a cover letter per your recommendation. 

Thank you so much for your extra help talking to me after we got our audit letter, as well as the hipaa do it yourself kit that I purchased last year. I know without it, the outcome would probably have been a lot different, as well as a whole lot more stressful.

Thank you again,

- Dr. Kristen & Jeff Longman 
Like the rest of the world I was looking forward to the ease and comfort of getting my HIPAA manual in electronic format, complete and customized to our office, with the purchase of your Silver program… but, I have to tell you that it was OVERWHELMING in electronic format and I was SOOOO glad when the hard copy arrived and I could “see” it, you were able to quickly walk me through how it all works and tell me the final tweaks to make.. what a godsend this Silver program has been, especially now that I see the finished product and how much it entails— we would have never gotten there on our own!
- Dr. Julie Davis 
I have to say I love Dr. Ty Talcott's MMM program. It has made my life so much easier along with my HIPAA compliance. I get the form(s) emailed to me every month, so I don't even have to worry about it. I just follow the directions, complete the form and file in my HIPAA manual. Well worth the monthly fee! Thank you Dr. Ty!

Dr. Kristine Springer
Rockhill Wellness Center, LLC
Like most people, when tasked with providing a HIPAA manual for our practice, I thought all I needed to do was find a pre-packaged program, add our logo, put the pages in a binder and plop it on a shelf for a year, review it with staff, have them sign-off and then we were good for another year. However, after in-depth research, webinars, Youtube videos and phone calls later, I found that HIPAA Compliance Services provides the best product, service and price – hands-down! Many companies may give you what you need to get and stay compliant, but you will pay dearly for it. Do yourself a favor, skip the unnecessary headache, wasted time and stress, and go directly to HIPAA Compliance Services. You’ll be glad you did!

Anthea Green
Halifax Injury Physicians
We are pleased to recommend Dr. Talcott and his program for operational compliance. Most chiropractors, like me, have small offices that are very busy. That makes it difficult to stay up to date with HIPAA and other issues of regulatory compliance. All of us are exposed to local, state, and national health agency questioning and investigation. Dr. Talcott’s programs give us peace of mind and freedom to tend to our practice. Dr. Talcott’s programs are quite affordable, and in addition he goes above and beyond by being promptly accessible and available for personal guidance on any issues that may arise. Many thanks to Dr. Talcott for helping us make sure our HIPAA protocols and programs are in place, and double thanks for your personalized and individualized care and advice. Highly recommend and just do it!!

Erickson Clinic

Thanks, Dr. Ty– it is great that you help us keep updated. Also, wanted to let you know that we passed our CMS Meaningful Use Audit in 2015. Your HIPAA program was instrumental in helping us meet all of the HIPAA requirements. We attended your course and purchased the HIPAA materials. Probably our best continued education decision ever!

-Susan & Dr. Dave
Dr. David Hargraves
Whole Life Chiropractic’s Dr. Nicole Murphy and Kathy Hoff attended Dr. Ty Talcott’s HIPAA presentation at Cleveland Chiropractic School in November. We thought we were compliant with HIPAA regulations, and we were doing a lot of things right. That’s the good news! But what we didn’t know about what was expected for privacy and security was overwhelming. That was the bad news!
After purchasing Dr. Ty Talcott’s “HIPAA Do It Yourself Kit”, I immediately started going through the book and CD’s provided in the kit in the order recommended and found the process to be very systematic and easy to follow. By using the Do It Yourself Kit, I was able to break down an overwhelming project into easy step-by-step instructions. Yes, there was work to be done and discussions to be had in the office, but it was manageable. In fact, I enjoyed it.
We now know that our systems are much tighter, our policies and procedures are more complete, and that we are doing everything in our power to protect our patients’ information. Thanks, Dr. Talcott for sharing your knowledge.

Kathy Hoff
Director of Community Relations
Certified Wellness Coach
Whole Life Chiropractic
Overland Park, KS 66210
I can see why Dr. Talcott was so successful in practice. He has energy that is infectioius. His information is presented in a new, refreshing, and insightful way. All doctors need to attend and ‘catch the energy’! 

– Dr. John F
I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar. I feel this will help any doctor, seasoned or fresh out of school.
Thanks Dr. Talcott!

Dr. Ronny N
Subject: Thank you from the SCCA

Dear Dr. Talcott:

Let me thank you for taking the time to address our attendees at the South Carolina Chiropractic Association’s Annual Convention in Myrtle Beach, S.C. this year. We had chiropractors from Ohio, New Jersey, West Virginia, and all over the Southeast who were all impressed with your presentation. We recognize the thought, effort, and preparation necessary for your instruction and thank you on behalf of the SCCA and all of our convention attendees.

The Association would be proud to host you at our conventions and seminars in the future.

Annie Wessinger, Esq.
SC Chiropractic Association
“Everyone should be required to go to this, we never learned even 5% of this in school.” 

 -Minnesota attendee
THANKS Ty for coming onsite to my clinic and helping with our HIPPA obligations. HIPPA had been in the past a real pain and I did it out of necessity. It had no “good feelings” surrounding it. I don’t know how you did it exactly but you made HIPPA fun. Gradually that very large fist sized knot of frustration and fear over office management and compliance has been reduced in my mid section…. Yes! business has began to pick up as we implement that list of recommended changes. I want to thank you also for the personal time “skull sessions” that so helped me by getting my thinking turned around.

Dr. Ken Mansfield Abilene TX.
P.S. Feel free to tell anyone to call me as to our experience here with your service.
I recently met with Dr. Talcott at his Albuquerque, New Mexico seminar, where he was able to discuss HIPAA and what is coming down the road. It was great to be present and witness how Dr. Talcott is helping serve the health care community. His conference was very organized, his information well thought out, and his delivery funny, with stories to keep the attendees paying attention.
We’re pleased to announce that Easy Billing, Inc. is fully endorsing The HIPAA Guy, Dr. Ty Talcott of HIPAA Compliance Services and his team. We feel they are definitely the best source on the market today, bringing to you all of the information needed to avoid the HIPAA violations or enforcements via fines. Dr. Talcott teaches groups about HIPAA an average of 35 times a year and is a Certified HIPAA Privacy and Security Expert.
The kit that Dr. Talcott has designed, and updates will truly help you to keep your compliance information organized which will reduce the stress of running your office in the dark. I think we are all fortunate to have Dr. Talcott and his team helping the health care professions and making it so much easier for everyone to get and keep compliant.
Marla Acton, CEO
Easy Billing, Inc.
I had previously attended a sixteen hour re-licensing seminar on HIPAA and Medicare Compliance. However, I learned more this past weekend from Dr. Ty Talcott at the HIPAA & PQRS class by the first break on HIPAA compliance than I did in the 16 hour class. For the first time, I have a clear understanding on how to create my HIPAA compliance manual. -Thank you, 

Dr. J. Kelly
I attended a HIPAA Compliance Services event and Dr. Talcott actually gave me hope instead of dread and fear! Thank you!!

Cynthia Quiram
The Neck & Back Pain Relief Center
Goodfield, IL
This BY FAR is the most exciting and motivating seminar that I have been to. The techniques and advice provided will greatly assist our clinic. very Refreshing! 

Crystal B, C.A.
Dear Dr. Talcott-

Let me first, thank you for taking the time to address our group at the annual spring conference and tradeshow. You are a dynamic speaker and our group thoroughly enjoyed you.

There are times when the doctors show up to the seminars to take the required hours and go home. With your program they engaged in the presentation and participated in the discussions. It’s really hard to keep a group entertained for long periods of time, but you managed to do it. You’re the type speaker I would invite back over and over. We received lots of compliments on you and as the event coordinator, I like to hear that. Quality speakers are hard to find and you are definitely one of them!

Terence E. Cherry
Director member services Georgia Chiropractic Association
Dear Dr. Talcott:
I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you for speaking at our conference. Of all the sessions and speakers, you made the most impact for the weekend. I would encourage every state Association to bring you to share chiropractic needs with their doctors.

Yours in health,
John M. Hoeffner, B.S., D.C., B.C.A.O.
Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic
“ I have much more self confidence regarding establishing policies and procedures instead of constantly doubting my abilities. I am immediately putting these tools and techniques to full use!

Renee G, C.A.
I want to thank you for your time, energy, and efforts on behalf of the TCA. I GREATLY appreciate the work you are doing to assist ALL chiropractic doctors. You have put a great deal of yourself into this and I truly believe that your program will be a significant spark to help the chiropractic profession on the path to successful excellence.

Dr. Chris D.

Hello Tiffany,

I just wanted to provide you with feedback in regards to the HIPAA Webinar that Ty gave last week.
I learned more about HIPAA with Ty, in that 60 minutes, then I’ve learned on my own in the 6 years I’ve been in the medical field as an Office Manager and as a designated HIPAA Compliance Officer.
I liked the fast paced nature of Ty’s presentation which created a richer more efficient use of my 60 minutes. (Which are precious minutes away from patient services and collections!)
There has been such an evolution with the requirements, that Ty helped bring us up to speed with the most recent changes, updates, and immediate threats to our clinic in regards to compliance.
Most importantly, Ty was able to take an overwhelming amount of regulatory data and break it down into digestible information and approachable steps as to ‘what do we really have to do with all this’…
Now with a broader understanding of what it will take for us to create our program, we are excited to get the KIT and have over half the work done for us already.
The Webinar was very motivating and gave me the confidence that we can use the KIT to create a program for our office that will protect us and give us the peace of mind to focus on patient care.
Thank you!
Kim Whitehead
Office Manager
TexStar Chiropractic
Dr. Michael P. Henry
Austin, TX 78735
Dr. Talcott, you are so helpful. I so appreciate your assistance. This “HIPAA Do It Yourself KIT” has been a life saver! –

Denise Sorin C.A.
From the very beginning of his presentation Dr. Talcott presented a wealth of information with an energy and enthusiasm that was truly contagious. I would highly recommend this seminar to every doctor and his staff. 

-Dr. Richard G
Missouri State Chiropractors Association

To Whom it May Concern,

Dr. Ty Talcott presented a 6-hour seminar on “HIPAA and Medicare Compliance” for the doctors of the Missouri State Chiropractors Association in May of this year. He was more than accommodating to work with, and we had no problems getting his hours approved though our board of examiners.

On the day of the seminar, Dr. Talcott was very well received and presented this technical and complicated subject matter in a way that our doctors and their CAs could comprehend. They had good information to take back to their offices and use immediately.

Finally, I would like to add, we would be pleased to invite Dr. Talcott back for another seminar. His information is well presented and invaluable to our doctors.

Kathleen S. Wilcoxson, MPA
Executive Director
“Ty, I have been seeing some growth, since your October ‘on-site’ –in both money in the bank and service rendered. Who knew HIPAA training could actually be done in such a way as to build the practice! 

Dr. Dale M.
Excellent! This webinar was concise, accurate and to the point. I would suggest that future webinars be done on all of the needed audits! Thank you! 

Sean Wahl, DC, CCSP
I would like to thank Dr. Talcott for such a great program. It’s well worth it! 

Lilian E, C.A.
Thank you for recommending Malwarebytes Premium with the Anti-Exploit/Anti Spyware... We most likely would have been attacked by ransomware today, but it was stopped quarantined and deleted. We will be attempting to figure out how it even got this close with all the policies, procedures, and strict protocols we have.
Thank you,
Bonnie Harder DC
Aspen Chiropractic Clinic
Thank you for your quick response.
Also, the MMM program is outstanding!
Even if I could figure out how to do the ongoing training, which is doubtful, it is unlikely I would actually follow through.
The MMM program makes it simple for me and my employees and it gets done every month. 
Terry Burk, DC
Huxley, Iowa
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I just want my CA to handle all of the mandatory ongoing HIPAA stuff to stay compliant and not be at risk.
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Solution #3: Everything in #2 PLUS On-Site Face-to-Face Training
We assist with fully implementing your HIPAA program, train your staff in-person, complete a physical plant walk through/inspection and Certify your Compliance Officer.
Dr. Ty | The Compliance Guy
Dr. Ty Talcott is a Certified HIPAA Privacy and Security Expert, who consults thousands of healthcare practices relative to business development and protection.
He is a sought-after speaker who has led numerous seminars, performed as a keynote speaker and has been featured on the cover of several magazines.

Dr. Talcott is also a founding partner of an IPA (Independent Physician Association) that credentials participating doctors for contracting with HMO’s and PPO’s. He has become one of the top experts on HIPAA regulations in the Chiropractic Profession.
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